GSC Novena Day 6:C.D.D. Proclamation of Gospel values within and through culture

On the 6th day of Novena, the focus was on the Congregation of the Disciples of the Lord (C.D.D.). "Beginning with holy hour followed by mass which was celebrated by Rev Fr Phillip Tan, CDD and Rev Fr Christopher Wilvaraj. Fr Phillip emphasised that it is key to persevere in one’s vocation, be it priestly and religious life, married or single life.

He went at length to describe the charisma of the CDD which was founded by Cardinal Celso Costantini in 1931. This congregation aims to proclaim the Gospel values within and through culture. Special services are given to the Chinese, both in China and overseas, while including other races. The CDD priest’s interior life and evangelization complement each other. They also live in fervent love for the Holy Eucharist with strong loyalty to Christ's vicar in the church.

He also advised young people not to think that they can’t be a priest. “Always trust in God’s plan. There is never a surety in any vocation. We enter a relationship with trust and make it work by surrendering and giving it our all. Likewise for priest, they trust the loving providence of God”, he said.

The CDD priest could not minister and evangelise in China due to the Communist invasion. Hence they have spread to other countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. They are now sent as missionaries across the world with the latest being to Toronto, Canada where many Hong Kong Chinese resides.

He urged the congregation to pray not only for others but for their own self and their children to discern the voice of God’s calling. “Renew your baptism promises. Choose to live in a manner worthy of eternal life”, he added.